Deluxe Sunglasses In Moundsville, WV

Complete your look with sunglasses from Oakley, Maui Jim and Costa Del Mar.

Of course, you wear shades to cut down the glare when driving, but even that floppy visor thingy over your head will keep the sun out of your eyes. The most important reason to don a pair of sunglasses has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with your personal style.
Depending on how long you've been cultivating your personal mystique, sunglasses make you look like Steve McQueen driving a 1967 Ferrari, Elwood Blues driving a Dodge with a 440 plant, or Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his number 88 Chevrolet racer. At Accessories Ltd., we sympathize with the dreams of the common man.

Stand out in premium eyewear from Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and Maui Jim

If you insist you actually need sunglasses to drive or play sports, the lenses in high-tech Oakley shades have sophisticated advantages like their HD Optics package, which reduces the distortion of ordinary lenses and eliminates glare with advanced polarization. Get OO Red Iridium tinting and the fatigue that comes from staring at a hot asphalt surface for hours nearly disappears.
Oakley sunglasses - Deluxe Sunglasses in Moundsville, WV
Costa sunglasses - Deluxe Sunglasses in Moundsville, WV
Oakley sunglasses - Deluxe Sunglasses in Moundsville, WV
Costa Del Mar sunglasses with "the clearest lenses on the planet" were designed for you fishermen and boaters who have your own particular need for glare-reducing polarization. Maui Jim's product features the same top-of-the-line design benefits to enhance the colors of everything you look at in bright sunlight. They're outdoorsy, they look cool, and that's good enough for Accessories Ltd.